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Lowest Mobilisation Cost
Vergroot afbeelding

The application of 3pinc Coatings is done manually and generally without any additional heat requirements. For field application, this gives advantages compared to other coating systems, which require heat treatments. Because the materials used are stable and inert, the application is less susceptible to environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, etc, compared to liquid coatings or materials, which need curing, drying, etc.

  • Small diameter piping at Petrol stations
  • Pipe Elbows
  • Pipe T-joints
  • Expansion joints
  • Onshore risers
  • Repair of damaged factory line pipe coating
  • Repair of PP insulation pipelines
  • Subsea repair of fieldjoints
  • Underground flanges, fittings and valves
  • Manhole covers
  • Above ground flanges and fittings
  • Off-shore splash zone jetty piles
  • Fieldjoint repair on-shore
  • Straight pipelines
  • Overcoating existing pipeline coatings
  • Oilwells