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3pinc® products have been approved according to several standards. Several external evaluations and tests have confirmed the characteristic properties.

- TUV Hannover/Sachsen, FN 2100, 1996
- TNO, Eye-irritation FN 2100, 1988
- TNO, Toxicity FN 2100, 1988
- OFI Kunststoffinstitut, corrosion prevention, OVGW, 2003
- TNO, Water and Gas tightness FN2100, 1989
- German T-Com, Evo-Dichtmasse 3pinc, 2005

Besides you will find more reports from and about:
- Polymer Service Centre Groningen
- Cathodic Protection Results NAM Pipeline 1996

Cost Study 3pinc versus liquid coatings

Some years back, a major oil company made a study on a 60"diameter spirally welded buried pipe, in one of the most agressive soils in the Middle East. They found out that the 3pinc System cost is higher than a liquid coating system per m2, but when surface preparation, curing time before back-fill, the time used in running the water drainage system, equipment, water rinsing, manpower, holiday test & repair, weather condition and blasting are considered, the 3pinc system was significantly cheaper.
For 15 linear meters of 60"pipe, this is equivalent to a savings of about 30%.

The factors that made application/installation of 3pinc cheaper are as follows:
1. Marginal surface cleanliness
2. No Curing time
3. Less drainage time
4. Less drainage cost
5. Manual application/installation
6. Less skilled manpower needed
7. Chlorides removal is not a requirement
8. Holiday test and repair are not a requirement
9. Weather condition tests are not required