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Sealing Products

Sealing - Water Leak Prevention

3pinc® sealing products are a unique and worldwide patented universal sealing materials. That seal cable and pipeline penetrations permanently. They provide a watertight and gastight according to NEN 2768. They stop ground water leakages and penetration of possible gas leakages from outside. Also spontaneous leaks against the current of the water can be stopped by applying 3pinc® FN 2100. By using 3pinc® FN 2100 in combination with 3pinc® Mortar FR (FLAME RETARDANT) a permanent water tight barrier is realised and leakage problems stop. 3pinc® FN 2100 can be easily applied and always works. The use of plugs, connecting rings, blocks and sealing rings is no longer necessary.

3pinc® Mortar WR (WATER RESISTANT) is a specially designed mortar for jobs outside the building.