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Advantages of Visco-Elastic Technology

Low Life Cycle Cost

Above all, 3pinc is a fool proof coating system. Surface preparation and application is not critical to the success of the coating service life.

Surface Preparation:
St 2/3 handtool or wirebrush cleaning

tensionless, manually, no machines or special primers needed

first layer off 2mm prefab coating packed as a tape creating a monolithic, impermeable, flexible layer

30 years

The corrosion prevention coating layer is fully inert and amorphous. The coating does not contain any free radicals and is totally non-crystalline. It does not tear, break, crack or degenerate over time. The coating is made of fluid like polymer exhibiting it's viscous-elastic features. The adhesion is excellent to many surfaces such as PE, PP, FBE, BITUMEN, EPOXIES. The coating layer does not require pre-heating, special primers or special application tools.

Surface Tolerant Application
The 3pinc system requires a surface preparation of ST 2/3. Because of the adhesive properties an anchoring pattern as obtained by blast cleaning is not required. The surface must be free from dirt, loose materials, moisture and any other contamination.