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3pinc products are applied to every type of corrosion problem — often under difficult circumstances.
Approved by major oil and gas companies such as Shell Global Solutions B.V., PTT Thailand, Exxon Mobile, Saudi Aramco, Gasunie Netherlands and numerous International Consultants including Bechtel, Foster Wheeler and Dorsch Consultants, 3pinc is used continuously and applied in extreme environments ranging from the Middle East to Sakhalin Island Russia.

Our Company...

3pinc Europe is an ISO certified company, which means it has designated the ISO 9001:2000 Standard as the QMS standards to follow. 3pinc’s QMS also complies with the KIWA BRL K 911 for the tank installation industry and the NSF for Drinking Water. 3pinc procedures and processes are audited both internally and by external entities to ensure compliance with both standards.

Our solutions...

3pinc EUROPE supplies coatings that meet or exceed the following standards/agencies:

  • NSF Standard for drinking water components
  • Corps of Engineers Specs
  • SSPC Paint Specifications
  • Steel Tank Institute for buried tanks
  • Federal and State regulations concerning volatile emissions
  • Department of Defense
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)