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Insulation products

Insulation of Casings

3pinc® Casing Filler is an excellent corrosion preventative product that protects medium transporting pipes in casing pipes for a period of at least 35 to 40 years. 3pinc® Casing Filler offers perfect corrosion protection by filling completely the space between the medium transporting pipe and the casing pipe. This unique product gets its fluid consistency when heated to a certain temperature. With this warming system the space will be filled quickly and efficiently. After cooling down the 3pinc® Casing filler remains a pasty consistency that finally gives a perfect protection to the transport pipe/casing pipe. The strong outer pipe with the corrosion protective, viscous-elastic material inside keeps humidity, air and dirt outside and is a perfect protection of the transport pipeline.

3pinc® Casing Filler is accepted and recommended by the Association of pipeline owners in the Netherlands (VELIN).