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Visco elastic technological invention

Cold Flow Technology

3pinc Corrosion Prevention Solutions comprise of a nonpolar, thermo-plastic, non-crosslinked fluid polymer having a glass transition temperature lower than -50C and a very low surface tension.

Visco-Elastic Behaviour

This behaviour results in three significant differences versus conventional systems:

  • as a result of the very low surface tension, 3pinc shows an excellent wetting of the steel surface, but also of polymers like PE, PP, FBE etc. This combination of low surface tension and the liquid like behaviour of the polymer, causes impregnation of the steel surfaces, which favours corrosion protection.
  • Because of the liquid like behaviour of the material above and the glass transition temperature being lower than -50c, it will not tear, break, or build up internal stresses.
  • Due to its coldflow characteristics, it will adhere in cold climates of -20 C

3pinc Wrappingband CZH consists of a thick 2mm layer of plastic elastic polymers. The Wrappingband contains in the middle a layer of PE-netting and a backing layer of PE. 3pinc CZH Paste consists of pure plastic elastic polymer compound packed in sheets of 2 kilo.

Long Term Stability

3pinc has a glass transition temperature below -50C and relatively low molecular weight. Because of these properties, 3pinc CZH exhibits visco-elastic and non-curing properties. The material is amorphous and therefore forms no crystalline regions, in contrast to PE or PP. Because of this amorphous nature, there is no stress generation due to post-crystallization or physical ageing.

Adhesion to Steel and Other Materials like PE, PP

3pinc has a low surface tension, which implies a good wetting of steel surfaces. Adhesion tests on steel and also on PE, PP showed only cohesive fractures. Diffusion of the visco-elastic polymer into the finest pores of the steel surface, results in an intensive corrosion protection. Due to this cohesive fracture mechanism, the steel surface is not exposed to moisture or oxygen in case defects are inflicted. Furthermore, 3pinc has the ability to repair defects due to its flowing properties.


3pinc is based on a non polar polymer and has thereby low permeability for water and oxygen. The Wrappingband CZH permeability rate is equal to 2mm thick high density PE.

30 Year Warranty

3pinc meets all factors that are necessary for a long term corrosion protective life span. Although other conventional materials are also good materials to serve as corrosion protection, they also show some disadvantages, for instance tear formation due to ageing and an adhesive failure mechanism leading to a reduction of the protective life span.

By the combination of the basic properties of the visco-elastic polymer and the additional layers of PE-backing foil the corrosion protective life span can easily be guaranteed for 30 years. This is based on theoretical stability of the concerning polymers and on experience with actual subterranean applied materials.